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You probably first saw minky fabric on a baby blanket. You saw how cuddly the fabric was and how much little fingers loved to grab it and pull it against their chubby cheeks. While you were glad the baby had it, you wanted one too. Minky Couture decided that while a soft minky baby blanket would be nice to run their fingers over, it just wasn’t big enough to wrap up in. It was then that they decided to make minky blankets in their size. More important than the fact that they provide all with a plush blanket in their size is the fact that these blankets are high quality and durable. Minky Couture uses the finest minky fabric and strong satin borders to create a super soft, yet durable blanket. They hand pick the fabrics they use, and refuse to use any fabric that will not provide you with the softest, warmest, most durable plush blanket you’ve ever had. Once the fabric is chosen, it is given to their highly skilled seamstresses to create a blanket that has tight stitching that is triple checked, strong satin borders that are tested for durability and an even finished off look that will add a nice touch to any room.

Minky Couture