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Brad J. Larson, MD, has been a practicing orthopaedic surgeon for over 20 years. One consistent complaint that he has heard from his patients was regarding the pain associated with the use of old style crutches. After having consulted with hundreds of patients, he knew it was time for something better.

Dr. Larson and CEO Ken Lester started Millennial Medical with the two fold mission of first, developing a clinically correct crutch, and second, keeping it cost affordable so that anyone who needed it could afford the cost.

The development took 3 years and was based on 34 published medical studies citing the harmful side effects of crutch use with traditional style crutches. with a team of engineers and prototype users, the crutch was finally completed.In October 2005, the crutch was awarded the National Merit Award for the product that most improves the quality of life. This award was presented to Millennial Medical at the National MedTrade conference in Atlanta, GA where the crutch was being shown as a new product entering the market. It was distinguished as the “Best New Product” for 2005-2006.

The crutch is perfect for any type of user. You will now see the crutch being used by many professional athletes in all sports. The distribution network has now increased throughout the world and is in every state in the U. S.The true test has been those who have used the crutches. They now have thousands of satisfied users. Hardly a week goes by without a flood of customer testimonials. They are so confident in their products that a full, one year manufacturer’s warranty is standard at no additional cost.


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