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Sam Cohen worked construction at the Chicago World's Fair of 1893. For several years he worked as a shingler, putting a roof on the Midway's Great White City, and when it was over he took his money and bought a truck. With that truck he helped move the new families of the ever-expanding city to the burgeoning West Side.

With moving came storage and with storage came unclaimed furniture. Soon Sam and his bride Libby found themselves in the second hand furniture business. Sam drove the truck. Libby sold from a storefront in Douglas Park. Business was good. But used furniture demanded repairs -- a new top here, and table leg there. Old world joiners and cabinet makers were added to the payroll, many of whom came with new world notions and ideas for furniture making.

Today, generations later, Michael and Scott Cohen, with the help of their father Doug, run the company with the same dedication to quality as the forefathers that preceded them.

Michael Scott