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Wall Ball
Product Features
  • Diameter: 14
You can use the J Fit Wall Ball for a balanced workout. It has a soft surface that makes it easy to hold in your hands while you workout. You may throw it at a medicine ball rebounder or in the direction of a partner. When you catch it on the rebound, the dormant muscles focused on stability and balance are forced into action. The surface of this ball features a heavy duty triple stitch that makes it a heavy duty training aid. The overall design creates a classic style preferred by boxers of...
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Wall Ball

by J Fit

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Xerball Medicine Ball
Product Features
  • Instruction sheet included with each ball
  • High rubber content provides a better bounce
  • Add air to increase the bounce and add variety to your workout
  • Thick walls increase durability and extend the life of this ball
Unique and versatile total body training tool that helps develop muscular strength, endurance, power, stability and joint integrity.
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Xerball Medicine Ball


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Dual grip Xerball
Product Features
  • Dual-handle, easy-grip medicine balls
  • Perfect choice for performing rotational abdominal exercises
  • One free Instruction Sheet included with each ball
This Dual -handle, easy grip weighted ball is ideal for abdominal and rotational motions, lower-body movement drills and a wide range of single handed and two handed exercises including golf swings and tennis strokes.
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Dual grip Xerball


from $41.99 $48.98

6.6 lbs Premium Handle Medicine Ball
Product Features
  • Diameter: 8
  • Overall Product Weight: 7.55lbs
Built in handle makes these balls easy to grip. Ideal for throwing and rotational drills. Excellent workout for strengthening trunk for sports such as tennis, baseball, golf and football.

6.6 lbs Premium Handle Medicine Ball

by J Fit

$38.45 $62.49

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Featured Reviews
Leather Medicine Ball Leather Medicine Ball   5 stars
Great product
- Myron in Fairmint, WV

Dual grip Xerball Dual grip Xerball   5 stars
Then this one is for you! Love to workout with my wife with this ball. WE site back-to-back and pass it around and it is effective for our 'love handles' - WELL, not my wife's because she doesn't have

Medicine Ball Medicine Ball   5 stars
The raised rubber surface ensures a good grip during workouts. Also, the small size is great for Russian twists.
- Jarina in Monroe

Rubber Medicine Ball Rubber Medicine Ball   5 stars
Exactly what I ordered
- Simone in Sonora, CA

10 lb Slammer Ball 10 lb Slammer Ball   5 stars
I shopped all over the web for the Slammer Ball and this site had the best price. It was my first order from Wayfair, but definitely not my last. I called customer service before I placed the order
- Shannon in Lexington Park, MD

12 lbs Dual Grip Medicine Balls in Black 12 lbs Dual Grip Medicine Balls in Black   4 stars
Great product!
- KT in CA

20 lb Slammer Ball 20 lb Slammer Ball   5 stars
Quality product, exactly as expected. A good buy.
- Zachery in Brunswick, OH

25 lb Slammer Ball 25 lb Slammer Ball   5 stars
Very durable - just dont get the inside contents wet! I left the ball out in the rain and I think it turned the inside contents into mud.
- CHRISTOPHER in Los Angeles

Deluxe Medicine Ball Deluxe Medicine Ball   5 stars
Sturdy and durable medicine ball. I've been using this for years and its still as reliable as when I first got it.
- CHRISTOPHER in Los Angeles

40 lb Slammer Ball 40 lb Slammer Ball   5 stars
Fine quality piece of equipment. I would purchase again. I have tried to breake this ball, but I have not been able to do it yet.
- Kerry in Dayton, OH

50 lb Slammer Ball 50 lb Slammer Ball   5 stars
This ball provides me with a great work out. Fine quality.
- Kerry in Dayton, OH

35 lb Slammer Ball 35 lb Slammer Ball   4 stars
Very fine quality. I liked this Slammer ball so much I purchased the 40 and 50 pound Slammer balls.
- Kerry in Dayton, OH

Mini Weight Ball Package Mini Weight Ball Package   5 stars
Ideal size and weight for aerobic and resistance training. Excellent quality. Using for range of motion exercises and tossing for co-ordination. Pros: Idea size. Easy to hold for exercises. Can
- Raynard in Red Bay, AL

18 lbs Dual Grip Medicine Balls in Black 18 lbs Dual Grip Medicine Balls in Black   5 stars
You can do so many different excerises with it and it's small so it doesn't take up space!
- Stacy in Virginia Beach, VA

24 lbs Colored Medicine Ball Set with Rack 24 lbs Colored Medicine Ball Set with Rack   5 stars
I love these things. They are durable and tuck nicely into the corner.
- Priscilla in Cranbrook, BC

Sand Bag Sand Bag   5 stars
This weight bag is top quality all the way. I highly recommend it for a super workout. Pros: Quality made Cons: none
- Robert in Littleton, CO

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