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Masahiro Cutlery

As is the case with any knife, the edge of the Masahiro knives is the most important feature. In the case of the MV-H, the edge is 80/20 asymmetrical and is polished to a mirror finish. What we mean by 80/20 asymmetrical is that 80 percent of the edge is ground on the right side of the blade and 20 percent is ground on the left side. This asymmetrical edge is derived from traditional one-sided Japanese knives which are also 80/20 asymmetrical The handle is a heat, moisture and solvent resistant resin which is remarkably durable. It is much more practical and longer lasting than a laminated wood handle. The composite handle is also resistant to bacteria which keeps the knife very hygienic in daily use. The handle is a three rivet design and uses a very wide full tang almost as wide as the handle itself. This provides plenty of room for the rivets and still allows room for the handle to cover the tang for an incredibly smooth rounded handle that feels great in your hand.