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Although M-Brace is a recent name on the bracing scene and even if they only entered the North American market in the year 2000, their products are the result of a long lasting journey in Research & Development started over 30 years ago. Wearing a brace can at times be a difficult or tedious experience since it may cause discomfort and pain. Having in mind above all the patients' well-being from the outset, we have constantly pushed the edge of research in order to unfold the "unknown" and provide people throughout the world with innovative, supportive, yet friendly and comfortable solutions. The result is M-Brace, a line of orthopaedic braces designed and developed exclusively with natural fibers and materials, conceived and tested for a Round-the-Clock wear with full comfort. Their goal is to provide patients with a real choice, i.e. with ergonomic and user-friendly braces that they will enjoy wearing, with full ease, 24 hours every day if necessary. Their objective is to persistently develop through their unique technology new solutions based on experience, tradition and patients' fidelity. There is no time to be complacent because there is no final destination to do so! They strive for new achievements daily. The success of M-Brace lies in the never ending dedication, perseverance, effort, commitment and enthusiasm in pursuit of the ultimate goal: your well-being!