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LoBoy Coolers

For More than 43 Years, LoBoy has set the standard for the best EPS Foam Coolers and Cold Chain Shipping Solutions (Insulated Shippers and Foam Shipping Containers) money can buy. So, when you need to keep drinks icy cold and hot foods piping hot, our LoBoy Coolers have always been in a class of their own for quality and performance. Read More about our fabulous LoBoy Thick Wall Foam Coolers, LoBoy Promotional Foam Coolers, LoBoy College & Collegiate Logo Foam Coolers, and LoBoy Custom Logo Coolers For Branding Your Business or Organization. Need a shipping container that is specially designed for transporting fragile tropical fish halfway around the world? How about shippers and all the necessary Cold Chain shipping container packaging for your favorite meats, seafoods and other perishable product shipping needs, or even sensitive electronics or precious medicines and pharmaceutical products? Insul-Pak has the solutions to all of your Cold Chain packaging and shipping needs. And while we’ve given the competition over 40 years to catch up, our LoBoy and Insul-Pak products are still the industry standard. Our designers and engineers have leveraged our manufacturing technology and expertise to expand the scope of the business into some pretty amazing places, including the addition of three new manufacturing facilities to offer our LoBoy products worldwide. At Magna Manufacturing, we don’t just manufacture Expanded Polystyrene products – we manufacture SOLUTIONS!