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Lingo is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of multi language translators. They translate more words and more phrases in more languages than any other company. They even offer translators that show translations in foreign alphabets so that people abroad can read and understand what you are asking. Put simply, Lingo is dedicated to providing high performance translators that allow you to travel anywhere in the world with confidence! Be it for business travel, pleasure travel or school, you'll find a Lingo translator for you. In fact, Lingo's founders were inspired to start the company more than 20 years ago based on their own travel experiences. Experiences like standing on street corners in Rome trying to find a recommended restaurant, wandering the Tokyo train station looking for the train to Kyoto, or surviving airport lines in Beijing trying to answer an endless number of security questions. As a result, Lingo understands what it takes to communicate clearly and succinctly in local language vernacular. Lingo's ability to get people like you up and going anywhere and everywhere in the world has made the company the leader in multi language translators.