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Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture
Genuine leather furniture combines quality and luxury in a style that's perfect for your home.

Leather Furniture

Leather furniture combines the quality and durability of leather with a unique and timeless look. Genuine leather furniture is often associated with luxury, but can also be surprisingly affordable. Shop Wayfair's collection of thousands of beautful leather chairs, sofas, sleepers and living room sets. Whether you're just looking for a classic leather chair for your study or a complete set for your living room, Wayfair has the leather furniture to match your style.

Leather Chairs
Leather Chairs: From modern designs to classic leather chairs like those pictured to the left, we have the perfect leather furniture for you living room, office, or study.

leather sofas
Leather Sofas: Leather sofas bring a touch of elegant class to any living room, and the durability to become a piece of furniture that you can pass on to future generations. Be aware, however, that despite popular misconception, leather furniture can stain and also requires occasional upkeep, just like any other piece of quality furniture.

Leather Living Room Sets
Leather Living Room Sets: Why stop at just a chair or sofa -- go for both! Our collection of living room sets provides matched leather furniture that can also include ottomans or coffee tables.

Leather Care
Leather Care: If you are going to invest in genuine leather furniture, you will want to get appropriate leather care products to ensure that your furniture lasts for years and decades. Do not use standard harsh cleaning products on your leather; instead get cleaners formulated specifically for leather. You will also want leather conditioner to keep your leather furniture in top, beautiful condition.

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