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When you buy a Lässig Bag you can be assured that you have chosen well. Not only are all Lässig Bags made out of the strongest and most durable fabrics, they are completely free of the potentially harmful substances PVC, Nickel AZO and phthalates. Functional Lässig Bags not only look lovely, they are designed around the needs of busy parents. As well as the universal buggy clips, each style has a series of well organised inner compartments and plenty of space for storing the vast quantity of things a baby just can’t travel without! Versatility Lassig Bags are incredibly versatile - they all come with universal buggy clips, zippered compartments, insulated bottle compartments or holders, changing mats and wet pouches, they also are stylish enough to be used for an occasion without an accompanying baby. Design and Style Whilst a lot of thought has gone into the inside of all Lässig Bags, just as much thought has gone into the appearance. Lässig bags come in a huge range of colours, fabrics, styles and sizes. There truly is a Lässig Bag to suit everyone.

Lassig Bags