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Over the years, Bare Ground technicians have been known for being immersed in developing and bringing to market unique products for the winter months. Recently, Bare Ground has broadened its consumer appeal by introducing a variety of new products in the lawn and garden category as well as the related field of outdoor pest prevention and control. They've gone from making winter bearable to making every season of the year a little more bearable! Since 1996, Bare Ground has been committed to bringing environment friendly snow melt alternatives to US consumers. Bare Ground was created in an effort to bring their award winning all natural, environmentally friendly liquid and virtually non corrosive anti-snow/deicer to consumers throughout the snow regions of the U.S. Towns, cities and municipalities have been using this formulation to de-ice roadways in communities from coast to coast. Bare Ground has made it possible for the average homeowner to use the same dynamic formula as the professionals. Bare Ground also supplies a range of applicators and unique snow tools. Keep searching our site for the latest developments in snow melt technology. Finally, this year marks Bare Ground's entry into the garden pest control and yard maintenance category with the introduction of the Just Scentsational! range of repellents and attractants. Each of the newly introduced Bare Ground repellents utilizes a predator scent to fool the myriad of garden pests (including rabbits, deer, squirrels, groundhogs, mice, chipmunks, raccoons, skunks and more) that their enemy is in your yard and garden waiting to pounce on them. They flee for their lives and never return so long as the scent of their enemy is present in and around your gardens. A special protectant is available for gardens, chicken coops, bee hives and a repellent for deer and other yard pests. Lastly, the unique Pooh Stone is an attractant that dogs find irresistible. It is a quick and easy training aid so that your pet will learn to use only the area of your yard that you decide is right for taking care of its "business". Designed to keep your grass areas in better shape and making it easier for you to clean up after your pet. Bare Ground...once making only winter bearable...now making every season more bearable!

Just Scentsational