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JBW is an attainable diamond watch brand that defines modern luxury for young-minded people seeking to achieve greatness and take on the world. The American brand was founded in 2006 with the desire to fuse modern design aesthetics with premium watch making. JBW watches tell time in a new and revolutionary way, one which makes a bold statement and sets an individual apart. Through synergy between its inspired designs and exclusive brand experience, JBW effectively represents a versatile luxury lifestyle for its customers. In essence, the JBW brand and lifestyle represent iconic fashion with an edgy mind-set, always fresh and prepared to take on the world. JBW exhibits a way of life that exudes success, confidence and self-fulfillment, while continuously evolving and staying ahead of the curve. Day and evening, casual or black tie, jets to seaside cocktail parties - JBW allows you to fully embrace your own version of the high-rolling lifestyle, wherever you may be in the world. Design: Revolution in design shapes the story of JBW. Constantly pushing the limits of creative form without compromising the tradition of Swiss craftsmanship, JBW perfectly blends urban and luxury fashion. JBW creations are admired for their daring and pioneering spirit, while also celebrated for comfort and versatility. The JBW design studio is brimming with individual expression, creative authenticity and designers who are passionate and uncompromising in their dedication. The core case designs and distinctive craftsmanship are the focal point at JBW, with diamonds adding aesthetic appeal to complete each timepiece. Combine this with exotic materials, intricate movements and fifty-plus years of experience in watch making, and it's clear to see why JBW has achieved resounding success in design.