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The Fresh Collection
These are not your ordinary mattress or mattresspads! The Invigo Fresh is the first mattress and mattress pads collection developed for today's active families. Your family is always on the go- working hard and playing even harder. Shouldn't your mattress do more than just lay there? Meet Invigo, a mattress that refreshes both you and your sleeping environment. The exclusive Invigo Fresh technology continuously renews your bed, working nonstop to capture and destroy common household odors, while also offering antimicrobial protection and stain release and repel properties. Mattress toppers are a great way to add a layer of extra comfort to an existing mattress. Add new life and turn that firm, old or cheap mattress into a comfort oasis without the cost of a whole mattress! The added benefits of Invigo Fresh help keep your bed fresh and clean. It's an active solution for active families who need to wake up energized.
  • Material: Natural latex
  • Ideal combination of perforated Invigo quality latex and eco-friendly foam
  • Made in the USA

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