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by Cristin Bisbee Priest

As a mother of two young children, Cristin understands the desire for a home to be functional, yet beautiful. Blending the two disciplines of home organization and interior design resonated with her and thus Simplified Bee® was born. She believes that surrounding yourself with lovely, organized spaces reduces stress, makes you happier, and inspires healthier living.

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  • The holidays are just around the corner and as you know they can be hectic. Getting organized ahead of time can reduce stress that may buildup during the season. Creating an orderly and functional gift-wrap station is one project you can tackle this fall. Having all of your wrapping-paper, bows, ribbons, scissors, and tape all in one place will help you find what you need easily, keep supplies in good condition, and allow you to see when items need to be replenished.

    From grand to simple, custom to DIY, here are a few ideas to streamline your wrapping space.
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    Photo Credit: California Closets
    From grand to simple, custom to DIY, here are a few ideas to streamline your wrapping space.

  • A custom, built-in wrapping station is a great addition to a craft room, laundry space or home office. This option helps ensure that you are maximizing your space and coordinating with existing or adjacent cabinetry.

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    Photo Credit: Centsational Girl
    If you are not afraid of a little DIY project and have a wall in a mudroom, office, or closet, you might consider creating this gift-wrap organizing solution by Centsational Girl.  She has a great tutorial on how to make this stylish gift-wrap station step-by-step.

  • Photo Credit: Midwest Living
    Here's another simple DIY project. Create a stylish gift-wrap station in an existing bookcase by removing a shelf and adding expandable curtain rods. Isn't this brilliant?

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    Photo Credit: Wayfair
    Gift-wrap organizers like this one can be easily stored under a bed or on a shelf in a closet. And you can't beat the price!

  • Photo Credit: BHG
  • Tight on space? Convert a standard hanging door organizer into your gift-wrap station.
  • Photo Credit: Real Simple
    Here's a clever and affordable idea from Real Simple. Using a standard paper towel holder, ribbons are stacked and organized from largest to smallest.

  • I would love to hear how you organize your gift-wrap!

    Happy organizing,

    - Cristin
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