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    At Wayfair.com, we're redefining the word "homemaker." A homemaker is anyone who thinks there's more to a home than just four walls. Homemakers are never done; they're always seeking inspiration, clever advice, and fresh ideas. Become a part of Wayfair.com's Homemaker program, a community of passionate, home-loving bloggers who inspire, share, and connect with each other.

    In addition to having your profile and a link to your blog featured on Wayfair.com, our Homemakers are eligible to participate in the following opportunities:
    1. Opportunity to guest post on Wayfair.com and reach our 10 million monthly visitors
    2. Social media exposure from Wayfair.com (1.1million+ Facebook fans)
    3. Involvement in exciting campaigns (DIY challenges, live events, decorating projects, and more)
    4. Inclusion in weekly blog roundups
    5. Paid promotional placements (Any links in posts written as part of paid placements or about free product must be "nofollowed".)
    6. Free product
    7. Exclusive offers and giveaways for your readers
    1. Access to a professional editorial team
    2. Monthly newsletters with tips, contest information, case studies, etc.
    3. Inside scoop on events and happenings

    1. Your blog must cover: design, décor, cooking, life and family, entertaining, DIY, crafts, or similar
    2. Your blog must not feature offensive material
    3. Your blog must be at least six months old and feature regular new and original content
    4. You must write and submit one original guest post to be published on Wayfair.com every 90 days
    5. ​Sponsored posts, product reviews, and giveaways should make up less than half of your blog's content.

    Email us at homemakers@wayfair.com with the below information to get started!

    • Name
    • Mailing address
    • Blog name/URL
    • Blog topic
    • Blog birthday (MM/DD/YY)
    • How often do you post?
    • Monthly pageviews (approximately)
    • Number of subscribers (RSS feed)
    • Please provide links to your social media pages (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
    • Why are you interested in joining this program?

      Email us at: homemakers@wayfair.com
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