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by Shelby Hill

As associate editor of Wayfair.com, Shelby Hill hopes to spark visitors’ imaginations with fun and creative decorating ideas (especially for those with small spaces because she feels your pain). Shelby spends her time dreaming of exploring far off places, honing her spectating skills watching many collegiate and pro basketball games, and taking photographs of any and everything. An Arizona native, Shelby graduated from the University of Arizona and is a lifelong Wildcat.

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  • Photo Credit: Ian Eshelman
  • Anybody who knows me knows that—as Carrie Bradshaw once said—shopping is my cardio. I'm never the first one to get my hands dirty. But when Wayfair sent out an email asking for volunteers to be part of a Habitat for Humanity build, I jumped at the chance.

    Fifteen coworkers and I arrived at the house in the middle of the day, right smack in the middle of a historic heat wave. But that didn't faze us; we had water bottles and enthusiasm to get us through. After getting a lesson on how to hang dry wall from the Habitat crew, we grabbed drywall and electric drills, eager to get down to business. Power tools, yes!
  • Photo Credit : Shelby Hill 
  • As it turns out, one of my coworkers, Deborah Poole, is an active Habitat volunteer and our foreman even remembered her from a build a year ago. Those of us with less experience set to work with the Habitat crew and Deborah to lead us.

    We measured twice and cut once, like the pros. We drilled so many holes that our hands started to shake (or was that just me?).

    I worked on the downstairs bathroom with my coworker Bruce. In our two and a half hours of work, we hung one and a half small walls worth of drywall, but it felt like we'd done a whole house.

    Still, when our time was up I remember thinking, "already?" And then another Wayfairian (that's what we like to call ourselves) said what I was thinking out loud. None of us wanted the hard, yet fun, work to stop.
  • Photo Credit: Shelby Hill
  • It was such an amazing opportunity to build a house with my coworkers. It was made even sweeter because one of the future homeowners was working there that day, as well.

    For a company that all day fills people's homes with furniture, lighting, decor, anything you can think, it was wonderful to switch it up and help build a home from the ground up.

    If you see me on future Habitat builds, a friendly reminder: Watch out; my hand-eye coordination isn't the best!

    What's your favorite way to give back to your community?

    - Shelby
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