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by Amy Christie

Amy Christie is the maker of the blog This Heart of Mine, a place where all the things she makes and all the things she loves come together. Her site is filled with doable DIYs, delicious recipes, and stories and photos from the real life of a wife and mother of two exuberant children. Amy currently resides in the Twin Cities in Minnesota with her family.

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  • valentine's day crafts
  • -I love Valentine's Day! After Christmas, it's my second favorite holiday. It's not for the overpriced flowers, the sparkly jewelry, or the super cheesy commercials peddling sappy love stories. No, I love it for the reds and deep pinks and other rosy tones. I love the over-saturation of hearts, hearts, and more hearts! The adorable love puns, the doodles of little animals holding hearts, the encouragement to share little cards with friends. It's all good in my opinion. Below I've collected 30, yes, 30 Valentine DIYs. Try one, try them all, and share the love.

    Sweetheart Charms
    These charms (above) are for your sweetheart, definitely. The little pocket in the heart is a perfect spot for itsy-bitsy love notes.
  • valentine's day crafts
    Photos (left to right): Say Yes / Say Yes / Design Mom
  • Glittery Heart Patches
    Don't worry if your shirt isn't Valentine-y. Just add a couple of patches, like this shirt (above left). The more sparkle, the more awesome.

    DIY Love Letter Scroll
    Yes, you can just buy a card at the local drugstore and sign your name. Or you can make a one-of-a-kind love letter scroll (above middle). Choose wisely.

    Etched Wooden Heart Key Fob
    Chunk-a, chunk-a burning wood love! Burn your love into wood (above right). It will last forever.
  • 'For Like Ever' Valentine Marquee
    Say it with lights! Polymer clay letters with string lights make for a love-filled sign (left).

    I Love You Photo Cards
    These are so simple but just sweet! Show your Valentine your love (and face) with this sweet card.

    Confetti-Filled Hearts
    The cutest! Confetti trapped in a see-through heart. Adorable.

    Sugar Hearts
    Sweet hearts. Literally. Make them in whatever color you'd like and enjoy the sweetness.
    Heart Hand Warmers
    Heart-warming hearts? I don't think there is a more perfect Valentine.

  • Valentine's Day Mint
    Heart-shaped mints taste better than non-heart-shaped mints; it's been tested.
  • valentine's day crafts
    Photos (left to right): Mer Mag Blog / Camille Styles
  • Printable Candy Bar Wrapper
    Choose your own candy bars and turn them into unique Valentines with beautiful printable wrappers (above left). Oh, I wish I could write that pretty.

    Fold and Send Valentines
    Store-bought Valentines got nothing on these gorgeous printable ones (above right)

  • Mini Pallet Valentine's Day Art
    I wish this was a regular-sized painted pallet but a mini one is more practical (left). Easy, simple, and lovely.
    Crayon Hearts
    This is a project I've been doing since art class in elementary school, and I still adore the look. Melted crayons between wax paper creates bright, poppy colors that just shine in natural window light.

    DIY Cement Valentines
    Cement is one of those mediums I always want to work with more. These hearts are adorable and very, very easy to make.

  • Heart Back Drop
    I want to throw a party just for this back drop. Floating hearts. Can't beat that.
  • Valentine's day crafts
    Photos (left to right): Pencil Shaving Studio / Studio DIY
  • Cupid's Arrow Donuts
    No difficult steps needed for this one (above left). Just donuts, a knife, a skewer, and a tummy ready to fill.

    Conversation Heart Pinatas
    Pinatas are always fun and these conversation hearts (above right) are PERFECT for Valentine's Day. Just be careful with them; gently extract the candy and keep them forever.
  • Floral Head Crown
    No one does paper flowers like this site and this crown (left) is absolutely gorgeous. It's totally okay to wear it all year round.

    Giant Heart Balloon
    An oversized statement heart made out of 19 balloons is the perfect party centerpiece—big and lovely and filled with helium.
    Goldfish Valentines
    Not every Valentine needs to include candy. Goldfish are a favorite around here and with this tutorial, you can wrap them up like to look like fish. Fun!

    Candy Bracelet
    Oh my goodness! This bit of jewelry is every child's dream and it looks beautiful!
    Pirate Valentine
    Arrrrrr you looking for adorable Valentines? These Valentine's rank very, very high on the cute-o-meter. Just download these darling illustrations and add some cute felt heart embellishments.
    Heart Cake
    This cake is just begging to get cut apart so the surprise heart inside can be revealed. Eat up!

  • valentine's day crafts
    Photos (clockwise from top left): Polka Dot Chair / Sugar and Cloth / fermLIVING / All for the Boys
  • Leather Conversation Hearts
    Leather is all the rage and these hearts are raging (top left)! The best non-edible version of conversation hearts I've ever seen.

    XO Gift Wrap
    This gift wrap (second from left) is striking. Reds and pinks on white. Beautiful.

    Mini Heart Wall Decals
    I love this! Lovely for this heart-filled season but adorable enough to keep up all year long (above right).

    I 'Chews' You Valentine
    This one made me laugh. My children would play with these little guys for hours (bottom left)! Make a bunch of little friends and share the love.
  • Heart Milk Cubes
    Even afternoon snacks can be filled with love. These ice cubes (left) made of milk, not water, are perfect for milk and cookies or as a sweet addition to your loved one's morning coffee.

    ​Tree Heart Installation
    Wish I lived somewhere without winter for many reasons but a big one is a desire to do this project. A tree full of hearts is beautiful!

    So there you are, a giant list of all things red, pink, and heart-filled. Now go and knock the socks off your Valentine.

    Thank you notes are appreciated.

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