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For over 35 years the name Surya has been synonymous with high quality, innovation and luxury. Surya designers and weavers masterfully create some of the most versatile products to bring out the best in every room. Encompassing an expert understanding of the latest trends in fashion and interior design, each Surya product is a perfect combination of color, pattern and texture to accommodate the widest range of tastes.

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  • ​Shag rugs are back and better than ever. Making a recent comeback after their 1960s counterculture fame, shag rugs provide soft, fluffy texture and add warmth to any room.  Known for their long pile construction and groovy style contemporary shag rugs are now available in a plethora of sizes, shapes and colors. Adding a shag rug to your living area, office, or bedroom can make an otherwise neutral or traditional space come to life with lush, comfortable flair.
  • History
    While the exact origin of the shag rug remains unknown, it is believed these coverings may have existed as far back as ancient Greece. During the 1960s counterculture era, shag rugs found their place in American style due to their bohemian appearance and typically unorthodox colors and texture.

    Materials & Construction
    The materials used in shag rugs vary from wool and cotton to silk and leather. The typical shag rug is made of a very deep pile. The pile of a rug is the raised fabric surface. It is crafted by making hundreds of loops of long yarn fibers and then shearing the excess. Other types of rugs are trimmed to have a short, firm pile while shag rugs are not. In shag rug construction they leave long pieces of material creating its famous cushy and funky look. 
  • Maintenance & Durability
    Keeping your shag rug fresh and clean requires some additional cleaning. We recommend cleaning your shag rug twice a week with a suction-only vacuum to prevent dirt buildup and ensure your carpet retains its natural coloring. Carpet rakes or grooming rakes are also handy tools because they remove dirt and restore a uniform appearance. The typical shag rug will last between two to eight years, depending on use. When it comes to shedding, wool material will shed moderately and decrease overtime whereas polyester will have little to no shedding. Always make sure to use a rug pad to help extend the life of your rug.
  • Decorating
    Whether your space is eclectic, contemporary, traditional, or a combination of styles, a shag rug can work for you. Shag area rugs are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for versatility in how you style with one. Try putting a large rectangular shag rug underneath your living room set for a statement of texture and comfort. In a modern-styled room, the fluffy appearance of a shag rug breaks up minimal, streamlined decor. 
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