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by Sara Downey Robinson

Sara Downey Robinson is also commonly known by her roller derby moniker, Sport. She's hung up her skates for the most part to focus on her family, career, home and enjoying her 30s. She writes the lifestyle blog Meanest Look and teaches workshops at a local skill share. She works in digital media and storytelling.

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  • It's time for the little one to make the transition from crib to toddler bed.

    Unfortunately for my husband, I'm taking this opportunity to start the process of moving completely away from the nursery days. Moving to a toddler bed is something of a milestone marking independence. In my house it also marks the little one feeling like now he's able to slightly control a bit more with bedtime.

    I've been fantasizing about exactly what direction I'll take his toddler room complete with a new bed. I thought I'd round up some of my favorite products for anyone else considering the plunge.
  • DaVinci Modena Toddler Bed in Grey

    I'm crazy about the gray finish, and I like the structure of this bed. Clean, sharp lines always make me feel like an entire room is tidy. I like that the the footer area is open on this bed as all too often, I'll find myself sitting there reading "just one more story."
  • Oeuf Classic Toddler Bed Walnut Finish 

    This mod look would be a distinct change from the soft lines of a nursery. The rounded edges seem really sweet. The design looks pretty slick, and I wonder if I can pull it off. (We're not the hippest folks around.)
  • Sodura Aero Toddler Bed 

    Finally, I'm including something a bit whimsical—as in "Are you kidding me?" This bed looks like something right out of a fairy tale. The extra low profile would definitely make it easy for the little one to get in and out of. I also love the simplicity of the look. The one drawback is it's pricey and probably would make more sense for a family that intends to get more than a year or so of mileage out of it.
  • Now with the bed options out there, it's critical (not really) to spruce up the other bits of the room.

    Avalisa Imagination 'I Love You' Stretched Wall Art 

    I melted when I came across this wall art. I'm definitely sneaking this one into my shopping cart. The lovely reiteration that you are loved is both sweet and a great reminder for when little one is doing some hard time (out) for mischief making.

    Vitra Eames Elephant in Dark Lime

    No matter which bed you would go with, the perfect accessory for any toddler room is this elephant. The charm, the sweetness, the absolute adorableness that is this elephant brings the biggest smile to my face. We have a pretty fun household, so even after the toddler years are long gone, a piece like this would be welcome and enjoyed.

    Did you find something you love? Happy shopping and let me know what you ended up with!
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