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Tips for Displaying Your Favorite Collection

by House Guest

In addition to our roster of star Homemakers, every now and then we invite guest bloggers to tackle a topic they’re passionate about.

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  • I'm Kelly from Eclectically Vintage and I am thrilled to be a guest blogger on My Way Home. I am having a fabulous time turning my 100 year old, once dilapidated, house into a home with personality. One of easiest ways to impart a bit of oneself into decor is through personal collection. They say the first step in overcoming a problem is admitting you have one. Well, I'm shouting it from the rooftops: I have collecting-itis! Whew, I feel so much better now.
  • With flea markets, thrift shops, and estate sales calling my name, what's a girl to do but find things she loves? Avoid getting carried away or going overboard with these easy rules for starting a collection of your own.

    7 Collecting Rules to Live By (before someone calls Hoarders)

  • 1) Collect What You Love

    It may cost 25 cents, but if it's just going to gather dust in your basement, pass it over for the next collector.

  • 2) Be Choosy

    Half the fun of collecting is the search. Don't be afraid to pass it by if it's not perfect for you.

  • 3) Corral Your Collections

    Scattering your things around the house makes each piece disappear but grouping them together creates a huge impact.

  • 4) Collection Rotation

    Your home isn't a museum. Mix it up! Great Uncle Willie's portrait doesn't have to sit above the fireplace year after year. A change of scenery may do him some good.

  • 5) Be Odd

    It only takes three to start a collection and try to display them in odd numbers which is much more visually pleasing.
  • 6) Collect the Unexpected

    It's amazing how something as simple as a bowl filled with old doorknobs looks.
  • 7) Forget Perfection

    It's called patina but those tarnished spots, dings, and chips are all part of a pieces charm (and makes it much more affordable).

  • So go ahead and start showing off those collections. From matchbooks and postcards to vintage glass and silver…there's a collector in all of us. This is just the tip of my collection iceberg. Check out My Home Tour to see more—here's a peek into my kitchen.
  • I'd love you to pop over and visit me at Eclectically Vintage.

    - Kelly
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