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by Aubrey Andel

Aubrey Andel is the Editorial Director at San Francisco tech startup myWebRoom.com, a visual platform where you can discover the web from your online room. Aubrey writes about interior design, art, technology, fashion, architecture and cool sites for the company blog. You can follow her @AubreyAndel.

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  • You've been through a lot together—braces in high school, all-night cramming sessions in college, your first real jobs that didn't involve balancing ten dirty dishes in one hand, and all the heartthrobs and heartaches along the way. Suddenly, your best friend says "yes" to a proposal and the next moment, you're trying to figure out how to decorate your space to host the perfect bridal shower.
    Let's focus on five areas so you can turn your ho-hum hideaway into a hot spot for celebrating love and friendship.
  • Activities

    No bridal shower is complete without some romantic-themed games and activities. Let the bride-to-be practice her walk down the aisle by scattering petals here, there, and everywhere. It will perfume the air and make the room look simply stunning. Stock your bookcase with albums featuring your friend throughout the years. Play reruns of "Sex and the City" episodes (the lovey-dovey ones of course!) in the background. Set out a feminine journal and have guests jot down their favorite memories of your bestie or the couple. It's a thoughtful gift that she'll cherish for years to come.
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  • Décor

    Bring a light and airy feel to the celebration with white or pastel dining linens and lots of fresh flowers. It's the little things that matter and small decorative accents can add a lot of charm to any room. Add a birdhouse shaped like a wedding chapel. Toss poufy pillows all over your sofa in case the bunch gets rowdy and a friendly pillow fight ensues! Add gush-worthy photos (either of the engaged couple or famous works of art) in pretty frames to enhance the romance.

    Make sure to adjust your seating arrangement slightly to allow everyone to see the bride opening her gifts and to take part in the conversation. Dress up folding chairs with ribbon and slipcovers if your party is large.
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  • Refreshments

    It's not a party unless there's some amazing food and drinks involved! Sip champagne from hand-painted bride and groom flutes. Grab a big fork because you're going to need it for the gigantic cake you're going to serve to your hungry guests. You knew you couldn't wait for the big day to indulge and neither can anyone else. 
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  • Pets

    Don't forget about your secret weapon, your four-legged friend who's just begging to get in on the action. Dress her up in a lacy bride costume so she can be the belle of the ball. Your pet will be an amusing addition to your group of girlfriends. You can have her deliver a hand-written love note you thoughtfully asked the groom-to-be to jot down ahead of time. As the celebration comes to a close, have your pup bring the bride her dancing shoes for the after-party. 
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