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by Katie Rosenfeld

Katie was born and raised in Tampa Florida, where her large family still resides. She graduated from Boston College with degrees in Philosophy and Art History. Eventually, she realized her passion for art and design, developing and growing a residential art consulting service which grew into a full service interior design business. She believes your home should be a true reflection of you, and her goal is to help her clients and readers achieve a beautiful and personal space.

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  • Lately I have had many clients ask me if upholstered headboards or beds are trendy. The answer to this is an emphatic, "No!" Classic, timeless, and simple, they are an affordable and still luxurious solution for any bedroom environment.  My grandmothers both had them, so what does that say?
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    Transitional in design, headboards look great in many different design genres or styles -- so, how do you know what kind of headboard is right for you? Tufted, square, curvy, ethnic, or framed in wood, the choice is yours.

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    Embellish with railheads in silver, gold, or bronze in a variety of sizes and spacing to give your's a custom feel.

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    The good news is, if you tire of the upholstered headboard you pick, a few yards of new fabric (about 6 yards for a King size) can transform it into something totally different for not a whole lot of money.

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    My go-to fabric covering for headboards is linen-velvet -- a durable and highly textured velvet that wears like iron. Any linen, cotton, velvet, or woven fabric can be used successfully and will offer years of enjoyment.

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    Solid fabrics are the safest and most versatile choice, but if you dare, try a print. Just the pop of pattern with plain, tailored linens and a few pillows can be a really fun look. Remember, when considering a print, make sure that the fabric is able to be rail-roaded or tuned on it's side, so as to avoid unsightly seams. Pair an upholstered headboard with ANY nightstandimaginable. Wood, painted, fabric-wrapped, anything goes!

  • I currently sleep on a 7 foot tall, creamy linen-velvet headboard, but you watch, any day now it may change colors.

    That's the beauty and the ease of an upholstered headboard; it gives you the freedom to change the look in a few small steps.

    Which is your favorite style?  So many to choose from; put one in every bedroom!

    - Katie
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