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  • From vanity sizes to kids' bath décor, we've gathered all of our best tips and helpful information in one place for a comprehensive guide to bathroom décor and renovation. Find must-know information about shopping for large items, small details, petite bathrooms, and kids' spaces. See our list of sections below to get started.​

    In This Guide:
    1. Small Bathroom Fixtures
    2. Large Bathroom Fixtures
    3. Renovation Planning
    4. Small Space Solutions
    5. Decorating Your Bathroom
    6. Kids' Bathrooms
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    Small Bathroom Fixtures

    When it comes to a small space like a bathroom, the tiniest details can make a huge difference. Small fixtures (faucets, towel holders, lighting) impact the space both visually and functionally. Hardware finishes help define the style of a bathroom, while faucets now offer an array of functions, from no-touch to water-efficient.

    For lighting, the most flattering light comes from a set of wall sconces on either side of the mirror. An overhead light is another must-have, providing maximum light for cleaning and showering. 

    Style Tip: For a vintage look, consider antique-style features, like cross-knob faucets. To keep it modern, stick with brushed nickel or chrome fixtures. Once you decide on a finish type, be consistent and use it throughout the space on all lighting, faucets, and knobs. 

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    Large Bathroom Fixtures

    Large fixtures will no doubt have a big impact in your bathroom, so consider your style and function needs before purchasing. Replacing a vanity can completely change the space's look, depending upon finish, color, or style. Vanities are also a key place to incorporate storage, whether it's with a series of open shelves below the sink or a spacious cabinet.

    Installing a new bathtub is a more labor-intensive project, but it comes with lots of style and luxury opportunities. See below for more ideas on how to choose a bathtub, vanity, or sink. 

    Good to Know: Vanity bases come in a variety of sizes, however most double sink vanities are about 60 inches wide. 

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  • Leave it to the professionals! See our guide, How to Find and Hire a Contractor, for when you need a little help on a renovation project. 

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    Renovation Planning

    The right layout can make or break a bathroom. It's crucial to take time to look at how you use the space and what size fixtures will work best when renovating a bathroom. If eco-friendly options are important, consider low-flow toilets and shower heads.

    When it comes to renovation ideas, the possibilities are almost endless. From heated tile floors to high-quality rain shower heads, the options depend on what type of bathroom you plan to remodel. While deluxe amenities are great for a master bath that gets daily use, scented candles and ample lighting are perfect additions to infrequently-used guest bathrooms. 

    Design Tip: When considering fixture placement, install bigger pieces (shower, toilet, bathtub, vanity) at least 30 inches apart from each other, a wall, or another feature.

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    Small Space Solutions

    Organizing is key when it comes to designing and decorating a small bathroom. If you're renovating, carefully plan the layout to efficiently use your limited space. Check out our Bathroom Space Planning Guidelines for more information.

    It's especially important to keep clutter to a minimum in a small bath. Consider a tall and skinny linen tower to store towels and toiletries. Over-the-toilet shelves make the most of wall space. Display candles, picture frames, or a tissue box on floating shelves.

    Design Tip: For an ultra-small bathroom, look for wall-mounted sinks and open console vanities to keep the space open and airy.


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  • Decorating Your Bathroom

    When you're looking to do an easy update, the bathroom is a great place to start because a little goes a long way. Give your bathroom a new look with updated linens, a fresh shower curtain, or a decorative vanity tray. 

    ​Style Tip: Try out a trend in small doses by testing it out in the bathroom, whether it's a bold pattern, bright color, or interesting detail. 

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  • Kids' Bathrooms

    When it comes to kids' bathrooms, it's all about safety features and playful décor. Take into account bath time, the age of your kids, and how much storage they will need when designing the space. For décor, there are countless theme options. Decorate with bold, bright colors for a tween bathroom, or do a playful sea-life theme for younger kids. Check out some of our ideas below!

    Good to Know: Bathroom trash is often full of hazardous items like razors and used toiletries, so make sure to keep trash in a secure bin with a lid or inside a safety-proofed cabinet. 

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