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by Delta

Delta works wonders with water™. Water, when left to its own devices, can be unruly, which is fine if you’re white water rafting, but not if you’re brushing your teeth. That’s where their 55 years of innovation, come in. From showers that won’t scald to the latest styles, finishes, faucets, handles, and accessories, Delta has everything your water needs to reach its full potential in your home. Welcome to the world of Delta, where they do indeed work wonders with water.

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  • ​Transform your bathroom on a budget and in a single afternoon with these fast fixes.

    Fixtures First
    Grab a screwdriver and replace anything that isn't painted or glued down. Swap out faucets, towel bars, cabinet pulls and knobs, and switch plates. Don't be afraid to mix finishes
  • Throw in the Towels 
     In powder rooms or guest baths, display hand towels or offer decorative paper versions. Place matching bathmats in front of each sink and in front of or folded over the tub.
  • Down to the Details
    Sweep everything off the vanity for a clean slate. Then accessorize with a new soap pump, tissue holder, water glass, and trash can that echo the fixtures (but don't look too matchy-matchy). 
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  • Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall
    Tear down dingy medicine cabinets and funky mirrors in favor of a large, classic wall mirror. For a mirror that will never go out of style, shop for a clean-lined rectangular version with minimal detail.
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