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  • Photo: Dayle Bennett
  • ​Summer is such a positive, sunny time, which makes it the perfect season to entertain; that and you have the choice of entertaining indoors or out! Summer foods come in a variety colors and textures, which inspires me to get creative.

    Use whatever you have available at home to dress up your table. You can add found objects from thrift stores or farmers markets to jazz things up a bit. Fun table settings will put a smile on every diner's face! A beautiful table setting will sets the mood for any special occasion.

    I especially love to beautify a table when my guests think they're just coming for a casual get-together. Going the unexpected extra mile puts your guests in the best mood. Birthdays, showers, lunch, or brunch are great casual meals to create fun tables for. Happy guests make a great gathering.
  • Photo: Dayle Bennett
  • Layering on elements will create an eye-catching table. To make decorating a tablescape easy, I've come up with three must-have layers:


    Essentials are anything you need to eat the meal with: dinnerware, utensils, glassware, and napkins.

    Add-On Elements

    Add-on elements are little extras that enhance the essentials: chargers, placemats, runners, and napkin rings. These additional table linens and accessories aren't necessary, but they add a little something to the table.

    Creative Toppers

    This final layer is my favorite! Creative toppers can be anything from plants or flowers and candles to paper décor and anything in between.

    You can set your table by color, theme, or season. I prefer to use color first and then I may include a theme or season into the mix. The key is to start simple then add your layers. It's your table, you can make your own rules. Just don't overdo it. It doesn't matter which setting you choose, just have fun with it!
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