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by Jules Kendall

Jules Kendall shares the sweet and savory at her blog, Pancakes and French Fries. She almost never writes about food. Instead, she focuses on her improving her health, decluttering and simplifying her home, and life with two loud boys and one quiet husband. She is the creator of The William Morris Project, a weekly series that encourages people to have nothing in their home they do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

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  • Now that July is here, everyone should be out of school. If your kids aren't taking summer school, you might be considering some camps. There were a few I thought would be great for my two boys, but camps aren't cheap—especially if you have more than one child. In the end, I had to pick the ones I thought my boys would like best, but here are a few of the camps I considered.
  • lego camp
  • 1. Lego Camp

    As annoying as those little pieces are to store, they are great educational tools. Play-Well TEKnologies offers camps around the country using Legos to teach engineering, physics, and math to kids. I have yet to hear a child say a bad word about the camp, which is good because it isn't cheap.
  • 2. Band Camp

    Music camp may have received a salacious reputation thanks to the movie "American Pie," but the ones my sons attend is as tame as they come. My oldest will learn clarinet, while my youngest beats the drums.
  • chess camp
    Photo: Sport FM
  • 3. Chess Camp

    Independent bookstores are a great place to find summer activities for kids. At my local bookstore I found a two-day chess camp that my oldest loved
  • sailing camp
  • 4. Sailing Camp

    I live 45 minutes east of the ocean, but my park offers sailing lessons on its large, man-made lake. My sons are too young to participate this year, but it's something they look forward to in the years to come. The best part? Because it's a city run program, the price is reasonable!
  • dino camp
  • 5. Paleontology Camp

    My sons love, love, love dinosaurs, so any time a museum offers camps or lectures on paleontology, I sign them up. They have a great time and most of the time the fees are reasonable.
    Some other great camps I found earlier this spring included sports camps, cooking camps, Bible camps, acting camps, and art camps through a few museums. It's amazing the opportunities that are out there for kids. In contrast, I spent my summers riding bikes and swimming--which isn't a bad thing. But, that's a post for another day.
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