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  • Gold and silver are a winning duo any time of year, but during the holidays metallics are extra-special. The shimmer and gleam that come with gold and silver adds to the celebratory air of New Year's Eve parties. If you are hosting a party this year, you can't go wrong with metallic colors of gold and silver. Here are a few party planning ideas to get you ready for the New Year in style.  
  • This fringed garland made of tissue paper is easy to assemble. Mixing in black makes this party scene sophisticated and elegant. It wouldn't be hard to set this up with things you already have around the house.  
  • Photo: Trendoza
  • This table has lots of wow-factor—gold champagne glasses, champagne chilling in a glass ice bucket, and black accents.
  • These adorable, glitzy party hats, embellished with sequins and faux stones, will excite guests and really get the party atmosphere in gear. Put one of these on your head and I dare you not to smile and act a little silly. I bet you can't do it! 
  • The sparkle and charm of silver and gold cannot be beat for New Year's Eve. Add a little black and you're definitely in business for throwing a memorable party. I love this idea of using simple black painted bottles with glittery numbers to ring in the New Year.
  • Create a dynamic display overhead with balloons and paper lanterns in white and gold. The mix of opaque and transparent balloons adds a layer of depth.

    Metallics are always in style and add that special something to any celebration. It's not hard to pull together a beautiful New Year's Eve party with a gold and silver color scheme, just be sure to add in a little black or white. Don't forget, there's nothing prettier than candlelight gleaming off of gold or silver. Magical, indeed!

    Happy New Year's Eve planning to you.
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