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  • As a business owner it is important to stay current with technology in order to move your business to the next level, but knowing where to begin can be daunting. Lindsey Bachelder, community manager at Wayfair.com, has some helpful tips to get you started on your way to a booming social media presence. 
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    Instagram and Twitter

    1. When setting up your account, use your logo or a professional headshot for your photo. Also be sure to link to your website in your bio to encourage individuals to click through and see more of your work.

    2. Publish often. At least one post and/or tweet a day is a great goal to start with.

    3. Utilize hashtags in posts. A hashtag is a great way to follow a topic or to find others who are also talking about the same things you are. Some great examples would be: #homedecor, #interiordesign, #inspiration, #design, #decor, and #architecture. However, it is best to limit yourself to no more than three hashtags per post since too many can become overwhelming for the reader.

    4. Tell a story. When you're doing an interior design project, show the process from start to finish and help your followers keep up with you through your Instagram and Twitter channels.  Also, post photos of not only your own work, but what inspires you.
    1. The comment is your friend. For Instagram, comment on other photos you love and always respond to comments on your own photos with @theirname to build relationships. For Twitter, retweet or reply to tweets you love.

    2. Try a free tool to help you manage your account. Hootsuite & Tweetdeck are great options to look into to help you easily manage your Twitter handle(s).

    3. Propagate posts. Share Instagram posts to your Twitter & Facebook page simultaneously to maximize exposure.

  • Follow and retweet people whose work you admire or others that inspire you. Not only is it a great way to keep up with what they are doing, but it lets your followers see who you love.

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    1. Only use high-quality photos that will showcase your skills. When in doubt, don't post it.

    2. Resize and upload your own photos when possible. Pinterest only limits photo width, but there is no limit on height, so vertical shots really stand out. A good starting photo size to try is 736 pixels wide by 1128 pixels high.

    3. Keep pin descriptions short. You can use up to 500 characters, but long descriptions are not visually appealing in the Pinterest feed.

    4. Make sure your descriptions have easily searchable words and adjectives. Think about what you would search for on Pinterest when looking to find that specific photo.

    5. Mix it up. Create a range of boards to communicate your business's offerings and personality. The more diverse the boards, the broader your audience will be.

    6. Pin directly from your website. Images pinned from your site will then link back there which increases traffic. If a pin isn't from your site, always be sure to include a source or credit.

    7. Follow top pinners. The reason they are at the top is that their pins are inspirational. They set a good standard to follow.

    8. Engage with your followers. Show support and collaboration by repining, liking, and commenting on other pins – don't only focus on your own pins.

    9. Pin Pin Pin! No amount of pinning is ever too much. Pinning once a day is not enough to grow and maintain a following on Pinterest – you need to feed fans beautiful content throughout the day, every day.
    10. If you have the budget, utilize a Pinterest tool like Piqora. This will allow you to schedule pins, compare your Pinterest activity to competitors, track Pinterest growth, and ROI.

  • Link to all your online presences when creating an account. This gives your followers an opportunity to follow you on all platforms. 

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    1. Know your audience! Be sure to always post with that audience in mind. If you set up a brand page, Facebook offers in depth page demographics under "People".

    2. Post daily and remember, providing your fans with quality content is key. Tips for posts:

    • If possible, use a photo in every post.

    • Pose a question in every post to increase engagement.

    • Don't be afraid to ask. Blatantly ask your fans to "like" "comment" or "share" your posts, you'll be surprised how quickly they start sharing!

    1. Engage! Fans love knowing that you are listening. Like your favorite comments and respond to questions, being sure to @tag the fan in your answer so they are notified of the attention you're giving them.

    2. Tell a story. Post a range of different types of post to communicate your brand's voice and show its range. Some ideas: house tours, inspirational photos, promotional posts, giveaways, blog posts, and different styles of decor.

    3. Be mindful of post reach. Using Facebook Insights, keep an eye on each post's reach and which ones are outperforming others. Using that information, post more of what's working.

    4. Always Link! Try to link to your website/Pinterest page/blog in every post. Create a bit.ly account to shorten links and track which links are getting the most clicks.

  • Tip! Create a Facebook editorial calendar each week in a Word document to keep your posts organized. Use the Facebook scheduler tool to schedule posts for when you know you will be busy. 

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