Special Nonexistent Furniture

by Erika Johnson

Inspiration comes from all around us, especially for Erika Johnson, a self-professed lover of design with no formal training. She writes about her love for home decor, fashion and style. She also shares her favorite finds. Erika constantly takes inspiration from her surroundings, travel experiences, and from the people she’s met along the way. She’s also about to get married! Erika and her fiancé are working on blending their own distinct styles together in their home.

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  • Before moving to the suburbs with my husband, I spent three years living in a 450 square foot apartment in Boston. My beloved couch from was traded for an efficient little loveseat. I strategically painted walls to feign light and placed floor-length curtains high above panes to suggest gigantic windows, rather than the portholes that existed.

    When I lived in my tiny apartment, I dreamed of bigger pastures. While I love our larger dwelling, I still daydream about that cozy quality that just can't be duplicated. Often, I find myself smitten with small spaces that are injected with larger-than-life style.
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  • Repurposing large pieces as home décor rather than hiding them in an already-tiny dwelling creates visual interest and frees up storage space. I love how the occupant of the above space displayed her vintage bicycle in the living room.
  • One of my favorite bloggers Cupcakes For Breakfast recently invited readers to a tour of her D.C. studio. She brilliantly created distinct zones by positioning a loveseat at the foot of her bed and placing a focal rug to create a living zone. Near her dresser, a softer rug was placed to convey dressing room territory. I adore everything about it!.
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  • There is much to be said for a light, airy space feeling larger and less confined. The above image is compelling evidence! Wallpaper and texture make this space feel luxurious—regardless of its measurement in square feet.
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  • My childhood yearning for a bunk bed has followed me into adulthood. This lofted bed is strikingly sophisticated in its wallpapered cove. The bold red sofa and window chairs create a perfect balance that makes this space feel anything but youthful.
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    And finally, creating multiple-purpose nooks is handy in small spaces. This breakfast table, flooding natural light, is also perfect for a workspace. Do you have sections of your home that are used for many purposes?

    Do you currently live in a small space, too? I would love to know some of your tips and tricks for decorating! Share in the comments below!

    - Erika

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