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by Brooke Berry

Brooke is the Loop Hole Queen. She wants to do it all at once and is always on the hunt for a shortcut, a less expensive option, or a trick to make it easier. She runs a design and lifestyle blog, Brooklyn Berry Designs. Her day to day is busy, just the way she likes it.

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  • Dining in style doesn't have to be stressful, I promise. A lot of times I see elaborate dinner parties and events all over pinterest and think I could never do that! Or I think obviously those women don't have young kids at home. I'm shocked when sometimes they do! I have three young boys, but I'm always looking to sneak a little style into my everyday life.

    Last week we had a big family wedding and our entire extended family was in town. We had a simple impromptu dinner party. I don't particularly enjoy cooking, but the conversation and entertaining is worth the work for me. This time I sent the men to barbecue, and I quickly set a pretty table. Check out my top five tips to create a lovely outdoor dining experience in your home.
  • Photo: Brooklyn Berry Designs
  • 1. Use what you have. Some plants, lanterns, and candles were gathered from around the house added to the atmosphere.

    2. Save with DIY projects. I made some simple rope chargers for under $5 for the entire set. They go great with all types of décor, and they add something extra that ups the party atmosphere.

    3. Add some color. Although we mostly use paper napkins, fabric gives you a lot of color for a table setting and you can pick some up anywhere. Good on the wallet and for the environment. Win win!
  • Photo: Brooklyn Berry Designs
  • 4. Light up the night. Ensure your party can last past dusk with ample lighting. Inexpensive string lights create a cozy, romantic look.

    5. Relax and enjoy. At the end of the day, the food and company are what your guests are there for, not the décor. Don't stress the small things!

    ​Happy summer dining!
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