Special Nonexistent Furniture

Express yourself! Plates emblazoned with modern takes on city maps will spark lively dinner conversation.
Gone are the days of bringing home cheesy key chains or snow globes as souvenirs. Remember a favorite destination by hanging a map of it in your home. 
Inspire an adventurous young one to travel the world by decorating his or her room with maps.
Personalize a world map by pinning the spots you want to see and have visited with different colored flags.
Not ready to set out on the high seas with cartography? A vintage-inspired USA pillow is an easy starting point.

Ancient Greeks made maps to sail the seas,
avoiding sirens and sea monsters. Now, thanks to the internet, maps in our mobile phones help us navigate foreign streets. (Not that we still don't get lost!) 
We've spotted wall-sized maps commanding rooms, vintage maps collaged for a wallpaper effect, and maps sliced to form triptychs. But this trend has also taken maps beyond paper and onto every surface imaginable: curtains, throw pillows, clocks, tables, and even ottomans.

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