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Serve each type of cheese with its own cheese knife. Note that certain knives are better for hard or soft cheese varieties.
Use cheese markers, tags, or chalk (if you're serving on a slate board) to clearly label each type of cheese. 
Along with wine and cheese, also serve palette cleansers such as fresh fruit and vegetables.
A fun addition to any cheese party is a fondue station! The fruit and veggies you're serving with the blocks of cheese are perfect for dipping in the fondue, too.
Keep plastic bags or containers on hand to store leftover cheese—use it for gourmet grilled cheese or a delicious mac and cheese dish!

A wine and cheese tasting party is a great excuse to 
gather family and friends together for delicious food and lively conversation. Since there's no cooking and little prep required, take the opportunity to learn about some wines and cheeses you may not be familiar with. Research tasting notes and display the information on cards next to pairings for guests to read while they sip and mingle. ​Plan on using multiple glasses per person and have glass markers or wine charms on hand so guests can label their glasses. 

Below we dish out more helpful tips and must-have products to get you started on your own wine and cheese soiree. 

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