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Begin decorating by scouring your house for red, white, and blue items. Don't be picky on the shades of color because a little variation in hues will make your decor more dynamic.
Greet guests with a festive wreath on your front door.
​For a picture-perfect table, include these foolproof accessories: bottled soda, striped party straws, fresh flowers, and a flag, of course!
Serve up adorably decorated cupcakes. They don't require plates or silverware, and you can bake a bunch to feed a crowd.
Get leftover treats out of the house by sending guests home with goody bags. We decorated ours with doilies, mini clothespins, and paint chips!

"Wait . . . You made that?!"
Let's be honest; when it comes to a party, that's the reaction we're all hoping for. Yes, yes, our guests' comfort and happiness are the top priority. But we also want to wow them. We want to create a setting that's clever, pretty, and (dare we say) pin-worthy. The good news is there are ways to show your creativity without having to take three days off work (or emptying your bank account): Crafts that don't require a glue gun, a tabletop decorated with stuff you have on hand, and desserts that can be made without a pastry bag . . . or a culinary degree.

Take a 4th of July party, for example. Grilling and fireworks are a given, but it's all the little extras that make it special. Check out our best tips below, and then click through to get full instructions for all these DIY projects!

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