Special Nonexistent Furniture
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If you're going all out, start with a neutral area rug. It is a simple place to start and will complement natural accents and patterns.
Looking for something a bit edgier? Pair rustic and outdoorsy finds with bold color, such as a plant in a bold teal pot. 
For a woodsy approach, consider faux bois accents (the pattern that looks like a cut tree trunk). 
Interpret this trend elegantly by hanging a set of botanical prints. Or make a statement with one big print in a bedroom or living room.
Frame pieces of nature above your mantel or bed. Anything from pressed maple leaves to wildflowers will do the trick.  

Dress your space with earthy finds inspired by (hers
truly) Mother Nature. Achieve this au naturel look with plant-based motifs, real objects found in nature, and decorative accents and furniture. Interchangeable accents—such as throws, pillows, or wall art—that feature natural motifs (ferns and leaves) can easily add organic appeal to your existing décor. For a color scheme, lean toward earth-tone hues, like forest green and dark brown.
Try This! Infuse a layer of texture into your space by incorporating real bits of nature, such as sticks, driftwood, moss, succulents, rocks, and wildflowers. These are best displayed simply, in a clear jar, bowl, or vase.

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