Special Nonexistent Furniture

Think industrial chic won't suit your suburban home? Steel and concrete countertops, exposed beams, and commercial-grade sinks are entry points to the look.
Salvaged materials—wood doors, hospital cabinets, recycled wood plank flooring—are always appropriate and easy to find at swap meets and antique shops.
Cozy up the chilly impact of industrial-style with textured rugs, warm woods, and soft pillows and throws.
Don't be a purist—well-made reproduction furniture has the advantage of modern workings and are often more in scale with the average size home.
Accessories, such as a metal side chair or a gear clock, can add subtle industrial edge to any decor.

When city dwellers began converting abandoned
factories and warehouses into loft-style living spaces, industrial style was born. Think weathered wood, stainless steel, concrete, exposed brick, and anything that nods to the country's industrial history (spools, work desks, and metal chairs). No-frills furnishings with raw, unfinished surfaces and clean lines contribute to the casual utilitarianism of the look. For the newest spin on this style favorite, look to cage lighting (hot!), gears, and furniture that mixes 
metal and wood.

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