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bar cart
If you're hosting a party with a signature cocktail, print out the recipe, slip it into a pretty frame, and set it on the cart. Your guests will love the extra touch.
Less is more! Bar carts should be visually appealing, so display just a few of your favorite glasses and bottles rather than putting everything out at once.
For the holiday season, a well-stocked bar means lots of spirits on hand! Have at least one bottle of gin, bourbon, whiskey, vodka, and vermouth ready to pour.
Use trays to group like items together (glasses, bar accessories, and more) for a neat and tidy cart!
When not in use as a mobile bar, pull the cart up next to a sofa and utilize it as an end table or as extra tabletop space in a home office.

bar cart
Dress up your bar cart in sparkling gold and silver
for a stunning and upscale look. This elegant cart is stocked with shapely glassware, all of the must-have bar tools, and handsome trays perfect for passing out appetizers and drinks to guests. When selecting spirits to display, look for attractive bottles—St. Germain and Chambord are go-to favorites. Add character with vintage glassware, decanters, and shakers. See how we furnished this stylish home bar.

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