Special Nonexistent Furniture

Instead of framed or canvas art, use plate hangers to create a salon wall with an eclectic mix of small trays.
Display serving trays on a plate rack in the kitchen. This way, the trays aren't piled high with trinkets when you need to enlist them to serve your dinner party.
Hang a lipped and divided tray in a closet or bathroom and use it as a shelf to store cosmetics, nail polish, and other necessities.
Attach legs to a tray (or purchase a tray table) and use it as an end table or stock it with pretty glasses and cocktail must-haves to create a petite bar cart.
During the holidays, group sparkling ornaments, autumnal gourds, or festive pinecones in a tray for a seasonal display.

Use trays throughout your home, from the living room

to the bathroom. When hung on a wall, serving and decorative trays create a unique and eye-catching statement. On a tabletop, trays can corral odds and ends. A delicate tray placed on a vanity is the perfect perch for perfume bottles and cosmetics.

Any tray can become instant decoration, whether it's a porcelain heirloom-quality tray or a budget-friendly plastic version. And since they're available in a variety of styles, from graphic and modern to ornate and traditional, there's a sure to be a tray to suit your decor.

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