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Add organic texture to even a formal room with something simple like a rope-framed mirror.
DIY: Add rope handles to drawers, trays, and anything, really! Or, twist rope around table or chair legs.
Rope can be dramatic when used in place of a chain in a statement light fixture.
Made from many types of fibers, rope can take on different appearances. Silk rope is often used for curtain tiebacks or pillow edges. Cotton rope can be used on hammocks where strength and comfort are both needed. Jute rope is rougher and looks rustic.
Juxtapose modern romantic with rustic by adding a classic cloche tricked out with a length of rope.

Rope accents tied up town major furnishings
trade shows earlier this year. From nautical inspirations to retro-modern touches, rope (along with cousins, jute and sisal) is showing up in both hipster and mainstream items. 
We've seen interior designers hang artwork, mirrors, and even beds with durable rope for a tough style take. Others are utilizing this seemingly mundane material to embellish objects like lanterns, tins, and clocks. This trend shows no sign of unraveling anytime soon.

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