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Don't worry about choosing accents in the same theme. Mix them up but be sure to evenly space them throughout the shelf. 
Think about stacking books horizontally and vertically. If stacked horizontally, you can use the books as stands to showcase your unique finds.
Ease your way into it! Try using one of these cuties instead of a bookend.
A sculptural vase or pewter figurine won't look out of place on an office bookshelf.
Create a "Midsummer Night's Dream" on your shelves by pairing airplants with fanciful animal figurines. 

Whether it's in a children's bedroom or a sophisticated
living room, a bookshelf decorated with whimsical accents will have you smiling ear-to-ear. These playful accents, such as quirky animal figurines or sculptural vases, infuse an unexpected but goofy air into your decor. A bookshelf that combines books, photos, and kooky accessories will undoubtedly be a compelling addition to your home.

No matter what style you have, whimsical accents will find a special place on your bookshelf. To add a touch of subtle silliness to your space and turn your ordinary bookshelf into a work of art, follow these five decorating tips.

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