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Warm up this cool color palette with natural wood tones in light or medium shades. For a dynamic look, create contrast with dark wood tones against white.
Pale blue and cream offer a more feminine, romantic look, while navy and white feel coastal.
Pick your patterns wisely, as they also help convey style. Dip-dyed or ikat patterns feel contemporary. Trellis and damask are traditional patterns. Sea life motifs and rope designs lend a coastal vibe.
Use the full spectrum of blue shades—deep midnight to bright azure to baby blue—for a well-rounded look.
Create visual interest in a limited color scheme with texture: a shag or sisal rug, weathered wood finishes, or wicker seating.

Whether your decor style is coastal or modern, this
classic color combo will work in your home. Blue and white can take on many different looks, depending on the shades. Our favorite pairings are deep navy and crisp white; pale blue and soft cream; and saturated aqua and off-white (a youthful take on this traditional palette). Use a big punch of blue on seating or an area rug to make it the standout color. For a subtle look, sprinkle blue around the room on pillows, curtains, accents, and more.

Get inspired by the stunning rooms below and bring the look home with our editors' best decorating tips!

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