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If you're going to DIY, your tile manufacturer will specify the best material to install it—generally a modified setting material.
When adding a glass tile accent in a section of stone or ceramic tile, choose tile that’s the same thickness for the easiest installation.
Because of the way they balance each other, glass tile paired with wood lends a rich look.
The safest way to clean glass tiles without scratching them is with a 50-50 mix of water and vinegar and then wiping with a cloth.
Consider covering a whole wall (or entire bathroom!) in glass tile for a spa-like look. 

Step aside, porcelain and ceramic, glass tile is taking
over as the hottest choice for everything from kitchen backsplashes to shower walls. Because it's available in every shape from intricate mosaics to classic subway tile--and in every color under the sun--it's easy to make this glass tile work for your style. We love how translucent glass instantly adds a high-gloss finish and bit of sparkle to your room. You can even buy sheets of tile that feature glass tiles mixed with stone or metal for a custom, designer look. For the eco-conscious, another upside is that many glass tiles are made from recycled glass. Get started by checking out some of our favorite glass tiles!

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