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Create a space her friends will want to hangout in by providing a slew of comfy seating options--chairs, ottomans, and floor pillows.
A stunning light fixture, such as a chandelier, can take a girl's bedroom from nice to over-the-top cool!
For a color scheme that should last a little longer, let her select the main hue (like pink), then balance it two or three accent colors.
Love the look of wallpaper, but scared to commit? Just hang it on one wall, such as the wall behind her bed.
Embellish decor you already have, such as plain white curtain sheers or a simple lampshade, with decorative ribbons or trims for a playful look.

Transform your little girl's bedroom into a space that
truly reflects her own style and personality. The easiest way to do this is through color. Consider letting her pick the color of her walls. If she has bold tastes, you may want to limit it to an accent wall or alcove. The good thing is, as her favorite color is bound to change, it's an inexpensive alteration. The next place to focus your decorating efforts is her bed. Splurge with a showstopping headboard, or just dress it up with fun bedding. Finally, be sure to leave several opportunities for your girl to customize her space by adding in personal items and photos.

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