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Swap out your winter rug for a jute, sisal, or polypropylene (indoor/outdoor) version. They feel lighter for summer, handle heavy traffic well, and hide dirt.
Place casual slipcovers over your furniture for a breezy and easy-to-clean new look.
While winter seating arrangements are all about cozying up by the fire or in front of the TV, summer seating arrangements should be all about conversation. Position furniture so everyone can be seen and heard—U-shaped or circular setups are best.
Replace heavy drapes for sheers, which let in lots of summer sunlight but still provide privacy.
Bring in bright colors with lively accents, such as pillows, blankets, vases, and more.

Warm weather brings longer days full of sunny skies,

visitors stopping by for a chat, and kids home for summer vacation. It's easy to embrace the new season—stash the heavy winter furnishings in favor of lighter summer décor. Spend less time cleaning and more time soaking up the sun by decorating with durable and stain-resistant fabrics. Pale colors, accented by a few bold hues, create an airy space. Seasonal flowers (hydrangeas, daisies, peonies, sunflowers) or potted plants help bring the outdoors in. Keep reading for more of our editors' best summer decorating tips and ideas!

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