Special Nonexistent Furniture

The most common materials found in fireplace design today are brick, stone, wood molding, and tile.
Not every fireplace needs a mantle. Whether modern or traditional, a fireplace can absolutely exist on its own.
Consider rustic elements like reclaimed wood paneling. Whether brown or gray this material can align with many decor styles.
If your fireplace surround doesn't go all the way up to your ceiling, you can still make it a focal point by hanging a dramatic mirror or piece of wall art above it.
Flank either side of your fireplace with bookcases or cabinets for storage that has a built-in look.

In addition to being a cozy place to gather 'round on 
chilly nights, a fireplace serves as the natural design focal point for any room, even when it's unlit. Unless you're designing your room from the ground up, most peole inherit their fireplaces when they move in. However, that doesn't mean they're tied to that style. From choosing a mantel to altering the fireplace surround, there are many ways to make your fireplace uniquely yours. For those who don't have a built-in fireplace, pre-fabricated models (electric, gas, and even wood-burning options are available!) can present some nice options. Whether you're looking for a neutral style that will grow as your decor changes or want to make a dramatic statement, get inspired by some of our favorite designs below!