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Editors' Top Lucite Picks for Any Room

Lucite is lightweight, durable, and shatterproof which is why this material is used to make furniture such as Kartell's Louis Ghost chairs.
What's making Lucite all new again is the way it's being combined with other materials such as burled wood, metals and even Mongolian Lamb's wool.
The material's chemical properties allow Lucite to be made in a rainbow of brilliant colors.
Pieces made from Lucite are scene stealers. Don't want to go all baby crib? Add a chair or serving tray for a bit of rock-star luxe.
Eliminate any chance of scratching Lucite by cleaning with hot soapy water and a soft, absorbent cloth. 

If there was ever any doubt that Lucite is the
material of the moment, look no further than the crazy cool NurseryWorks crib (left) Beyonce purchased to cosset her baby, Blue Ivy. Lucite has been kicking around for more than 80 years, and in that time, has seen mighty highs (Helena Rubenstein's famous Lucite sleigh bed) and lows (1960s Ranch House rumpus rooms spring to mind). While this transparent thermoplastic acrylic resin is usually regarded as "modern," designers are using this material in all sorts of decor. It's clear that Lucite is a shape-shifting wonder that can adapt to most any home. 

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