Special Nonexistent Furniture

Mix different types of accents together, like bud vases with a quirky object, for a unique centerpiece. 
Repurpose jars, wine bottles, and soup cans as vases.  They'll add a cute personal touch to your table. 
Try floating flower blooms in a bowl of water for a  romantic look. Their elegance won't go unnoticed. 
For a balanced floral arrangement, build a bouquet in your hand first, rotating as you go. Use a rubberband around the stems to keep the shape you like.
For a casual centerpiece, center a decorative bowl on the table and fill it with fruits, plants, or moss balls. 

In the blink of an eye, arrange an alluring centerpiece
to decorate the top of your dining table. For the best arrangement, consider the centerpiece's overall scale. Use horizontal and vertical space wisely, so you don't take up too much of the tabletop or hinder eye contact, which disrupts the flow of conversation.
You can create a centerpiece with a collection of home accents, such as vases, hurricanes, votives, pitchers, trays, decorative bowls, and more. Combine these accents with flowers or plants for a classic mix or let them stand alone for an understated look. Another option is to evenly space two or three identical accents or arrangements down the length of a table. Use the centerpiece you create as an opportunity to add color, texture, or reflect your taste.

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