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Since yellow can pack a punch, temper the look with neutrals, such as white, cream, gray, and black.
Yellow is a sweet, gender-neutral nursery color you can keep for years. As he or she grows, layer in pink, navy, green, or red depending on your and your child's tastes.
Be greeted with joy every time you come home with a front door painted bright yellow!
The color yellow is tied to enlightenment and optimism. Need a mental boost? Look no further.
If you're concerned about yellow's intensity, choose a paler hue and introduce it with a small item, such as an accent pillow or lamp.

Butter, honey, lemon, mustard, saffron.
No, we're not naming ingredients, just a few of our favorite colors! There are as many names for yellow as there are flavors in the world, yet every one seems to evoke the same feeling: happiness. And why shouldn't it? Yellow is the color of sunshine and a cool glass of lemonade. If there was an official color of summer, it would surely be yellow.

Whether you're decorating a bedroom (equally eye-catching for adults or kids) or looking to brighten a drab corner, yellow is your best bet. Take a look at a few of our favorite yellow spaces, and then turn to our expert tips and product picks to bring this color home.

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