Special Nonexistent Furniture

Go cozy with pumpkin orange; a shade that pairs beautifully with tan, gold, and more traditional interiors.
Look opposite the color wheel for a no-fail complementary palette. Tangerine paired with ice blue is a knockout combo.
When you're mixing two strong colors (like orange and purple), reinforcement is key. Repeat both colors a few times throughout the space and tone down the intensity with white.
Don't overlook lighting. A glossy lamp base or elegant lamp shade is a fun way to introduce a fresh color.
Energetic orange is a dynamite pick for kids' spaces. We love the way it pops next to kelly green or hot pink.

Warm and vibrant, orange is one of those colors that 
transcends all seasons and styles. In large doses, such as covering all walls of a room, orange is best left for those truly fearless about color. However, when your décor needs a little something extra, a pop of orange may be just the answer.

Of course, simple-to-swap accessories are the easiest way to experiment with a bold hue. But while we love a good accent pillow or throw blanket, what really makes us swoon is being surprised. We encourage you to really go for it with an orange upholstered chair, headboard, or ottoman. When you see how it brightens a boring corner, you won't regret it!