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Expansive branch decor is helpful for filling out empty spaces. Target walls or corners that need some heft. 
Glitzy and wintry, metallic branches are ideal for holiday accessorizing. Incorporate a beaded branch pillow or an etched tray into your scheme.
There's nothing more chic than metallics paired with black. It's the foolproof shade to pair with this trend.
Branches are a merging of both woodsy and delicate, pleasing to both masculine and feminine styles.
Combine metallic branches with flickering candles for a centerpiece that truly shimmers.

A staple of rustic country design, branches get a
modern makeover when dipped in gleaming silver and gold. Every room needs a touch of nature and a bit of sparkle, so why not combine both into one showstopping piece? We've seen these glitzy tree arms holding everything from tabletops to mirrors. There's a piece for every style, from the cautiously traditional to the risk-taking eclectic. Ready to slip this trend into your home? Transform your space into a winter wonderland forest with shimmery branch wallpaper or light up the room with a twisty-twiggy wall sconce.

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