Special Nonexistent Furniture

If you're just trying out these colors, take your cues from the striped pillow and rug in this grouping. Make the soft green your primary hue and add small dashes of striking watermelon and orange.
Looking for a fourth? Pale aqua or blue rounds out the trio with another cool tone. 
Neutral furniture will pop on a bold melon-colored rug. 
A lively, colorful mirror is a welcome addition to any room, from the entryway to the kitchen.
Try a pendant light in a perky melon hue hung over a kitchen table. Bright pink or orange will draw the eye and make the table a focal point.

The pale green of honeydew, the faded orange of
cantaloupe, and the bright coral-red of watermelon make a gorgeous color combo. When used together, these fruity hues are a colorful reminder of summer's bounty; and these peppy shades can stand on their own, too. Perk up a corner with a vibrant pink table, lamp, or chair. Pillows and throw blankets in light green and orange hues will revitalize neutral seating.
Summer is all about color, and these shades are sure to brighten up your home! From sofas to wall art, we pick our favorite melon-inspired décor.